"Cliff" cooling, all kinds of "heaters" popular

time:2022-03-08 14:17:42hit:124

When the cold wave hits, small heating appliances naturally gain consumer attention. The reporter noted that this winter's small heating appliances not only have more styles 

and patterns, but also a lot of scientific and technological forces.

Recently, the reporter saw in the small household appliances area of Jingdong MALL that various kinds of heating equipment have been placed together to facilitate consume

rs to buy. "The cooling came suddenly, and the sales volume of heating products in stores increased by 18.65% in the past three days." The first thing many people say when t

hey enter the store is to ask if there is any stock, and even consumers are willing to buy samples." Jingdong MALL heating equipment related person in charge Ms. Li said.

It is reported that from one or two hundred yuan of infrared "small sun" to one or two thousand yuan of "kickline" and other heating appliances have consumer groups. The p

roducts that sell better are those with humidification functions, as well as those with technological powers such as graphene and voice control.

Suning shopping Tianyi store also has many consumers to understand the heating appliances related market, oil ting, heating fans and other small equipment are more popul

ar products, air conditioning consumption has also ushered in a wave of small peak. "Recently, we have launched promotional activities, coupled with the stimulation of home

 appliance vouchers, home appliance consumption has picked up significantly, of which heating appliances account for a large proportion." Suning shopping day one store ma

nager Ms. Tang said.